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Depending on the year, make, and model of your car, you can usually find detailed instructions online to upgrade your car’s stereo. The type of car stereo you choose will depend on your personal needs and budget. There are many different types of stereos available, including CD players, AM/FM radios, MP3 players, Bluetooth integration, satellite radio tuners, amplifiers, subwoofers, and more. Here are some ways to start upgrading your car’s stereo today!

Choosing a car stereo

The first thing you’ll want to do is determine the type of car stereo you want. There are many varieties of car stereo such as CD players, AM/FM radios, MP3 players, and Bluetooth integration to name a few. You’ll need to decide which feature you want to use the most and base your decision off of that.

For example, if you want to be able to play CDs and listen to the radio, you’ll need a CD player and an AM/FM radio. If you want to be able to listen to music from your phone, you’ll need an MP3 player or a Bluetooth integration.

The other thing you’ll need to decide is which brand of car stereo you want. There are many brands such as Kenwood, Pioneer, Alpine, and JVC. You can find instructions on how to install your new car stereo on YouTube, so it won’t be too difficult!

As long as you have the equipment and instructions needed for installation, you should be able to install your new car stereo in less than one hour.

What is the cost of a car stereo?

The cost of a car stereo depends on the type, style, and features you want. The average cost of a car stereo is around $250.

However, it can be a bit more expensive if you want a certain style or a more advanced model. For example, if you want a basic CD player, the cost will be around $50-$100. If you want something with more features, like an MP3 player, the cost will usually be around $150-$200.

Another factor that can increase the price is if you want to add other features to your stereo. For example, if you want a Bluetooth adapter, the cost will be around $35 or more. If you want a DVD or video player, the cost can be over $500.

If you want to shop for a car stereo online, make sure you know what your car’s make and model is before you start browsing for stereos. This will help you find the correct one for your car. Conveniently, AutoModders now sell a range of plug and play, of various specification, to suit your car. No soldering, no YouTube videos, no headache. Find them in our shop

Installing a car stereo

The first, and simplest way to start upgrading your car’s stereo is to replace your factory stereo. There are many places online to purchase a new stereo for your car, but before you buy, make sure to check the type of stereo you need for your vehicle.

Make sure you also know which wires you need to connect the new stereo to the car’s dash and gauge cluster. If you need help installing the new stereo, consider hiring an experienced technician.

The second way to upgrade your car’s stereo is to buy a new MP3 player and then connect it to your factory speakers. This can be done by connecting wirelessly via Bluetooth or using a wired connection. It might also require adding an amplifier.

The third way to upgrade your car’s stereo is to install an aftermarket radio in your vehicle. This may require some cutting and hacking of your dashboard, but it can be a substantial upgrade if done correctly.

The fourth way to upgrade your car’s stereo is by installing a car amplifier. Amplifiers are used to increase the volume of music, so this is a great option if your factory speakers are of poor quality.

The fifth way to upgrade your car’s head unit entirely. This is the most expensive yet the most satisfying in terms of outcome. At AutoModders we have developed plug and play head units that are make, model, year specific with various options available to satisfy your needs and wants. Search for your car here.

Protecting your investment

You’ve installed a new stereo in your car, and you want it to last. There are a few steps you can take to protect your investment and keep your car stereo in great shape.

First, be sure to use the proper wiring kit. The kit should come with everything you need, including the wiring harness and the proper-sized wires that will suffice for your car model.

Next, mount the stereo securely in place. It’s important to use the correct bolts and screws so that it doesn’t come loose and fall out.

Finally, and most importantly, install a grounding kit in your car so that the wires and metal of your car don’t create a short circuit in your system or cause a spark.

A grounding kit will help mitigate any extra noises or sparks from coming from the wires in your car.


Sure, you can upgrade your car’s factory stereo. But if you want an amazing listening experience in your car, you should upgrade to a premium sound system.

It could be that you want to add a subwoofer for some extra bass. Or, you may want to add a rearview camera and parking sensors for added safety. Whatever your needs are, there’s a car stereo mod for that.

If you’ve been meaning to upgrade your car’s stereo but haven’t found the right time or money, we hope this post helped you get started. You don’t need to spend a fortune to get a sound system that will make your car feel like an entirely new vehicle. And, if your current car stereo has seen better days, it’s time to upgrade!

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