How does a Aussie end up in Thailand?

It started off as a holiday back in 2013. The last time my, now, wife came to Thailand was back in 1999 and a whole lot had changed.

Bangkok was always busy but now it was huge busy and filled with shopping malls and more sophistication. We travelled to the tourist areas and it was again bustling with a new level of organised chaos, we had a lot of fun.

On return to our native Sydney we started looking at our personal, and rising, living expenses compared to Thailand. It was a whole lot cheaper. We also had another key advantage… My wife is half Thai, she can get her citizenship, how hard can it be? {very hard by the way, another completely separate story, but we got her Thai passport and, she’s a bonafide Thai National – that doesn’t speak a word of Thai lol}

So we started planning and in early 2015 started packing up our life into a container, as well as two cats, and headed to Thailand.

What a journey, risk, life changing event.

My profession is that of a computer (IT) engineer. I can work from anywhere in the world so with a 1Gbps fiber connect at $30 a month I am able to continue working. My wife is into fashion design and is currently building a small online fashion business.

Prior to leaving Australia I had spend many monies on customising my Mitsubishi DC ute (a MY09 Triton GLXR) so I had the whole passion for it in my mind.

This project has taken quite some time to pull off. Language barrier, mistrust and ongoing developing relationships and this website has taken longer than anticipated. Putting together the right team of Thai’s that can translate as well as negotiate has also been a trial, but here she is!

I now have access to the A grade level of aftermarket parts and accessories for every vehicle manufactured in Thailand. Some of the manufacturers supply OEM accessories to the manufacturers.. Yeah, that good of quality! 🙂

Anyways, enough about me. AutoModders is here for you all to take advantage of the contacts I have established – and continue to expand – to grab yourself the very best stuff at prices that are far less than the merchants that grab a few things retail from a mate that travels to thailand and whacks them on eBay.

We will use all channels to sell online, but we are grabbing the very best stuff directly from the source. You will get it first through us.

Best Regards. JC – AutoModders

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